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#927044 by ColOrd
05 Oct 2016, 23:45
Hi guys,

Just a bit of a preliminary plan at the moment, but looking at plans for my ripe old 32nd birthday which is now less than 51 weeks away!

I've already got two long hauls planned next year, with the Cancun (TCX...still :mrgreen: ) and then UC to JFK in June!

My bIrthday is the last week in September and I was looking initially at a trip to Delhi, but I think that's gonna be best to blow some miles on with my mate in about 18 months or so, so I am back to a West Coast flight for about a week!

I fell in love with San Fran on my brief trip there last year, and I still want to do Alcatraz as I missed that out! I also didn't get the chance to sit in the world famous In'N'Out Burger in LAX, and it would be nice to have a last trip on VX before they go Alaskan!

Because I have so many holidays booked next year (and two European trips too!) my leave is going to be stretched which makes doing an Ex-Dub a little bit more challenging so will probably be a straight revenue booking.

The dates haven't been released yet but will be by this time next month, but most dates seem to be coming out about £2800 for a trip Into SFO and back out from LAX.

I am keen to get it booked and in the bag which is how I normally book stuff, but I am just wondering, in the lovely V-Flyer experience if the West Coast is likely or historically has been involved in UC New Years sales and if it would worth to maybe hang on till then and see what comes out of it?

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