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#929571 by Bear
29 Nov 2016, 23:52
Not sure if anyone will have any answers as it's probably a case of no one knows till it happens but...

I've currently got a reward flight booked for Feb/March LGW - MCO return but need to change the return flight to BOS - LHR and not sure if I'm better doing it now, although it will cost me more miles as I booked in a reward sale originally or wait for the changes to come in. I'm just worried what the new rules are going to be with regards to changes and if it will even be possible to just make a route change on one of the flights without cancelling and rebooking the whole thing, which I don't want to do as there's no longer reward flights available for my departure date anyway

Does anyone know if the £30 change fee will be changing or the taxes and charges you pay on top of the miles will change?

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