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#930154 by contractor
17 Dec 2016, 11:38
On VS2 on 1/1/17 - was a 787, well its now showing as a 333 on the map. No email or anything from VS to warn me of the change. (or the seat change).

I know aircraft changes happen but had it been a 333 at time of booking I'd have gone with the 4/138/36 instead

#930156 by stuart_f
17 Dec 2016, 11:58
I don't know of any airline that will email you for an equipment change (unless it results in the deletion of the cabin you are in, eg 4-cabin subbed for a 3-cabin). Use Expertflyer to set an alert for that.
#930164 by gumshoe
17 Dec 2016, 12:28
Indeed. As far as the airline is concerned nothing has changed. You are still on the flight you booked, in the cabin you booked at the time you booked. You will get exactly what you paid for.

Aircraft & seat changes may be annoying but they're extremely common and it would be utterly impractical for airlines to advise passengers every time they happen.
#934363 by helium
13 Apr 2017, 03:13
Same thing happened to my flight for tomorrow. But contrary to the comments above, it's not the same at all. The 787 is a different aircraft with different amenities other than the cabin class. If they were the same than the 333 would have the same power options in PE and E as the 787, the Wander Wall, etc.

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