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#935622 by Shirley Heights
28 May 2017, 23:01
I was very fortunate to travel on G-VSXY (Beauty Queen) on both legs of my recent LGW/ANU/LGW trip - 04 May/25 May.

WOW! The new config is a HUGE improvement on the 1-2-1 A330 configuration. Thanks to the advice here I purposely chose seat 6A (although my preferred seat has always been 6K) in hope that I could experience the more private side of the aircraft as a single traveller.

As well as the the extra space without the additional row of seats, the cabin is much brighter and lighter as the window seats are better aligned so no longer obstruct the natural light from the windows. The weird 'bling' lighting has also, thankfully, gone. In fact, most of the bling has gone so the cabin is far more tastefully decorated. I love the position of the new bar as it doesn't disturb passengers seated in back rows.

I only have two complaints; the table is no longer as large as it used to be so not good for couples wanting to dine together; the buddy seat/foot stool is secured so you can't use it as a mini storage unit.

On the whole, I was very impressed so will be disappointed if my next flights are on the 1-2-1 config - but hey ho!
#935636 by shaneg17
29 May 2017, 11:17
I'm pretty sure our 747 inbound from MCO on the 25th May parked up to G-VSXY when we landed. I remember walking out, seeing it and thinking that's one of the new layout A333s.
#935638 by mitchja
29 May 2017, 12:13
Just back from JFK, the MAN>JFK route was and still looks to be the old config.

VS would have probably got a revenue Premium >Upper upgrade out of me yesterday if it had have been the new config. Old config - no way simple not worth it, save the money and spend it on something else.
#935644 by YoungTraveller
29 May 2017, 15:24
I have a JFK -> MAN flight on 15th June and that is still showing old configuration. I was hopeful I'd be snuck onto a new configuration flying via JFK instead of ATL but oh well... Still getting a nice tier point run from it!

As a quick question - is it row 7 on the 330s that has no window? Or is this another plane I'm thinking of...
#935647 by Dinnerlady
29 May 2017, 17:29
I think its just the 787s that have no window on row 7 ........17 weeks today VS77 to BGI UC still showing new layout ...snagged 3A and 4A ...fingers crossed it does not change :cool:
#935649 by mitchja
29 May 2017, 19:30
Yes, it's only Premium Economy that has a missing window on the A333's in row 21.
#935735 by chriski
04 Jun 2017, 12:38
We were on the 34 last night ANU-LGW and enjoyed the brand new upper class suite.
We came out on G-VSXY but didn't try the bed as a day flight.
The new seats when converted seem more comfortable than the 747 but as I never tried the dream suite cannot make a direct comparison, Even the duvets were brand new!
#935738 by rwheatla
04 Jun 2017, 16:06
mitchja wrote:
rwheatla wrote:Im off to UVF tomorrow.

Any idea which new UC cabin row doesn't have a window?

I think all the A330's do have a full set of windows in Upper Class don't they? It's just the B789's that have a missing window in row 7 from memory.

I managed to sample the new cabin both ways. 10A doesn't really have a window so it should be avoided if you want to try and see out. On another note I found the cabin very warm when trying to sleep and freezing cold on the ground whilst stopped in ANU.

Have not tried the previous A333 cabin but back of storage, poor cleaning and bad service wasn't appreciated. 2 of the 3 things were much better on the way home :)
#935953 by Blitzen
13 Jun 2017, 18:13
Flying VS01 LHR to EWR end of next month and right now 1-2-1 is shown (was a 789 and then a 330 1-1-1 a while back but constant for the last couple of month).
Is there a good tracker of:
Which aircraft is used on this route?
Which A330 is retrofit and which is still the old UC?

As they changed 4/5/6 A when changing from 789 to A330 1-1-1 to 4 A/D/G and after I changed back doing the same going from 1-1-1 to 1-2-1 ( in both cases the same seats were available) I would need to monitor daily to change our seats back a reserved if the aircraft changes ..... let's see how stable / chaotic the plane used is/was
#935955 by virginboy747
13 Jun 2017, 20:35
SXY and LUV have Brenna refitted and are operating out of LGW. GEM is refitted and operating out of LHR but on different routes so not assigned to any particular route. VINE is currently being refitted and should be back at LHR next month.
#935969 by Blitzen
14 Jun 2017, 18:44
Thanks virginboy747

Looked as thevssource and the chance over the last month to get 1-1-1 (330 or 789) is 50% and 1-2-1 is 50% (330 or 340).
Let's see what will happen .....
#935971 by DocRo
14 Jun 2017, 22:41
VS126 SFO-MAN still showing 1-1-1 in mid July so hopeful (but not very) that 1 of the refits will go to Manchester when VINE returns
#935973 by mitchja
15 Jun 2017, 00:21
My parents are flying MAN>JFK in early September and it's showing the 1-1-1 config both ways so far for their flights.
#935977 by shaneg17
15 Jun 2017, 06:10
My flight at the end of July (LHR > JFK) outbound is an A333 showing the 1-2-1 layout. I don't mind trying the old style on the way out as I've currently got a 789 for the way back.
#936000 by Chinafish
16 Jun 2017, 07:15
My MAN BOS VS121 for 17Jun has been showing the new 1-1-1 config until last night. Now showing a 1-2-1 config. :-(

Hoping for a last minute change back, but it's unlikely isn't it...

Fingers crossed my return stays as 1-1-1 for next week.
#936117 by Nick1389
22 Jun 2017, 09:50
Finally, are there 31 or 33 rows?
#936123 by whiterose
22 Jun 2017, 15:50
We're on VS137 next Wednesday, 28 June, still in our chosen seats, and VS26 on 22 July, again still our chosen seats and both are showing 1-1-1. :)

Fingers crossed they stay that way.

Wonder if the new config means no ghastly Gardet????? ;-)
#936124 by LucyLu
22 Jun 2017, 16:45
Don't get excited too far ahead of your flights that are showing 1-1-1, as they changed it within a couple of days of our flights. We were in PE so it didn't worry me, but I was hoping to have a peek at the new layout. Both flights showed 1-1-1 til the last minute then changed. I guess there were a number of disgruntled passengers as that doesn't give you much, if any, opportunity to check/change your seats.
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