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#931109 by Vegascrazy
09 Jan 2017, 17:12
I’m after some guidance on etickets, hope someone can help :)

Before the website changes, for flights booked with VA (or VA/DL combos) we were emailed clear etickets that contained a breakdown of fare paid along with taxes and surcharges. A grand total was provided on the eticket that tallied with the amount charged to payment card. I booked a ticket which involves VA flights on the transatlantic legs and DL on the internal. I’ve never received an “eticket’, just a “booking confirmation” so duly requested a proper eticket via phone from FC who were more than helpful saying no problem we will chase your eticket. There used to be a “resend eticket” button on the old site but that’s gone. I was not unduly worried as I could see the eticket numbers on Manage My Booking, so knew all seemed OK, but I still wanted to see the breakdown of my fare, taxes, surcharges etc and equate it to what I’d paid, not too much to ask!

As nothing was forthcoming I asked VA for help via their Facebook page a couple of times. Prompt replies were forthcoming and, after a second chase on my part an email finally arrived yesterday with “eticket” in the subject. The flights were all listed fine but under “Total” it just says 80,000 miles and GBP =£970.10. Yes I had used 80,000 miles but, no, I had not paid £970.10, I ‘d paid considerably more as the DL flights are first class and were cash (not miles) paid. A button shows embedded on the email “view fare breakdown” but this does no more than take me to the website home page where I can access my booking. There’s nowhere there to see a breakdown of the amount I actually paid for these flights.

It seems the price listed on the eticket only refers to the transatlantic flights (two of us paid with miles so the £970.10 relates to the taxes for the two of us. However, the same eticket covers the DL flights too. Should I expect VA to provide me with a receipt/eticket confirming what I paid for this ticket and it’s breakdown, as was always clearly provided on etickets before mid-Nov?


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