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#932245 by s2driveruk
03 Feb 2017, 13:33
Thought I would consult the collective on this one to double check expectation on a quick LHR-BOS rtn with a day doing a retain Au TP run on Delta from BOS - MSP and back.

This is looking like a good option....question is this, are TP's earned per flight -OR- per 'leg' e.g. outbound to MSP and rtn to BOS. I could read this as a 300TP or a 150TP run.

I've cut the picture from ita matrix as it didn't format well as a copy/paste


And same trip shown in Delta as a bookable itinerary


cheers all
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#932247 by SlimpyJones
03 Feb 2017, 14:42
Yep I see that as 300 TP as well. 4 F sectors at 75TP each, 300 :)

The only thing you have to watch out for sometimes is that the sectors definitely have different flight numbers. But that's not a problem in your case!
#932248 by s2driveruk
03 Feb 2017, 14:43
thanks both...i figured the same but thought I would double check! :) See if i can smoke out any other freaky routings but this one looks good
#932253 by tontybear
03 Feb 2017, 15:57
A couple of those layovers are pretty tight and whilst you'll be domestic and able to go gate to gate with no security checks all it takes is for a bit of a delay ...

Best check contingency plans - alternative flights just in case.
#932257 by gumshoe
03 Feb 2017, 16:20
Wise words tonty. Having just done a very similar 4-leg TP run on the west coast where I nearly missed the last leg due to being held on the tarmac at LAX for 100 minutes awaiting a gate, I would heartily endorse having a plan B. You should be ok as there's a later 7.40pm flight from MSP-BOS you can fall back on, but be prepared for the unexpected!
#932259 by s2driveruk
03 Feb 2017, 16:58
hmm, sounds like a close shave. I do have all day on the 10th to re-position to BOS for the evening flight back to Heathrow but I was hoping to keep that day free :)

I'm presuming VS gold access to any DL lounges is only if tagged to a same day International flight right? Can't seem to find any info on domestic First travel and being FC Au.
#932261 by SlimpyJones
03 Feb 2017, 17:03
s2driveruk wrote:I'm presuming VS gold access to any DL lounges is only if tagged to a same day International flight right? Can't seem to find any info on domestic First travel and being FC Au.

That is correct, sadly!
#932267 by LovingGold
03 Feb 2017, 19:19
I would be a little careful here.
The last few short DL first flights I have made domestic in the US have come back as 50TP's per leg even tho they do appear to be 75's.
They also have a little habit of dropping connecting sectors. Must admit, I have not called am already renewed AU for next year and am waiting for it to switch back to 0.
#932273 by gumshoe
03 Feb 2017, 19:47
The first of my four DL domestic F flights on Wednesday has posted 75 TPs as it should.

I fully expect that to be "enhanced" this year though. There's a reason why the new TP system was introduced ...
#932299 by s2driveruk
04 Feb 2017, 10:39
Following the good advice here i am de risking and decided to do an early morning BOS -JFK rtn then doing the same the next day...$265 each and less stress to make any connections.
#934441 by s2driveruk
15 Apr 2017, 20:40
:cool: Just to close out the thread, i ended up going LHR-BOS rtn in PE using miles and £109, then booked BOS-LGA, LGA-YUL, YUL-LGA, LGA-BOS in first. All went pretty smooth bar a small issue on the very first flight when engine 2 failed to start but they got it running with some external assistance from ground teams.

All points and TPs posted successfully and with 1125point before end of April i should have now safely retained my Au for another year.

Thanks to the assistance of those above in this thread, it was smooth trip and managed to get into the respective Boston and La Guadia sky clubs with no issues, despite assurances from Delta via twitter that would not be possible.

Nice whistle stop tour of the eastern US and overnight in Montreal...well recommended if you need a TP injection 8-)
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