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#933372 by regg0
07 Mar 2017, 20:42
It would be much appreciated if anyone had any info on the above. The last time we flew to Miami there was a considerable walk from the gate to the immigration hall, which I found very hard going due to health reasons. I got the impression from someone that there was a shuttle service available, could anyone confirm this please.
I could ask for assisted passage, but my only problem is walking a fair distance especially after the flight, and feel that there are far more disabled and deserving people that really need the assistance, and do not warrant it.
many Thanks

#933374 by GILL88
07 Mar 2017, 21:57
I asked the same question of Virgin and MIA in November last year as distance is far too great for my elderly mother ( we are used to getting on buggies in Dubai airport).
Told by both I had to book a wheelchair for her. This turned into horrifically long process on day and us being one of last people to hit immigration although in Upper.
Hope you hear from someone there is an alternative as we fly to Miami again In July and would be great to know there is an alternative. :D
#933376 by ColH
08 Mar 2017, 00:11
Having trouble walking to/from the gate because of health problems is a valid reason to book assistance.

I held off for years despite having a debilitating muscle disease because I was a bit embarrassed. These days I don't really have a choice and so I just let them take me to the plane and then in the US they put you in a wheelchair and take you though immigration - much better.

The final thing that stopped me being embarrassed was one day at Gatwick waiting at the assistance desk a woman came up and managed to blag a place on a buggy to the gate because, and I quote, "I wore the wrong shoes". With the times I've seen someone taken to the plane in the UK only to get to the other end (Faro seems espeically bad for this) and more or less run off the plane means I'd never moan about someone who struggles asking for help.
#933388 by calvR
08 Mar 2017, 12:46
It is an exceptionally long way to immigration in Mia. I flew in with my 1 year old daughter and had to carry her the whole way and wait at immigration for an hour before we could go through and get the pushchair. I would never use assistance for such things but if you have a genuine reason for assistance, then in my opinion you should take advantage of it.
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