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#933398 by edinburghflyer
08 Mar 2017, 16:36
Hi Folks,

Wondered if you can help. I received £50 worth of vouchers from VA, but won't be taking a flight with Virgin before they expire on the 5th Apr 2016; wondered if you had any suggestions on how I could offload them for some cash (or if someone's done anything like that before)?

#933400 by brumboy
08 Mar 2017, 17:38
I think you might struggle to get anything with that expiry date.
If the date should be 2018 then you could try selling on ebay, would think you could get £20/£25 for them.
A friend of mine sold some on e-bay < they were substantially more than that, & got just over 50% in value
#933405 by marshy11
09 Mar 2017, 08:04
I've used ZEEK in the past for selling vouchers and [assuming you mean] Virgin Atlantic are on there. I expect you mean the expiry is 2017, in which case with it being so short a date, you may struggle unless you act quickly.
#933427 by rolandrat
10 Mar 2017, 22:03
I may be wrong but Im sure in the past vouchers Ive had with expiry is when they have to be used by, doesnt mean the flight has to be before that time, just paid for with the voucher by that time.

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