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#933436 by Milliemoo
11 Mar 2017, 11:03
*Waves Hello*
Gosh it's been a VERY long time since I've been on this forum! :D

We're planning to take or son to Disney World next Easter and would appreciate opinions on flying (Upper Class) from either Glasgow or Gatwick. We live in Edinburgh.
* If I'm reading the website right, we won't get a chauffeur to Glasgow, is that correct?
* Clearly the Glasgow lounge isn't going to be as good as Gatwick, so maybe it's worth flying down south rather than driving to Glasgow?
* I also panic a bit about missing connections, so either way, if it was a morning flight, we'd probably want to travel the day before.
* I'm having trouble finding the days/times for next Easter. We only plan to go for 10 days, so I'm just thinking that Glasgow might not actually be an option.

#933437 by gumshoe
11 Mar 2017, 11:08
Welcome back!

You would be eligible for the chauffeur service (CDC) to/from Glasgow, but only if you book an I class UC fare which is not the cheapest.

The cheapest fares shown on the VS website are normally Z class, which are not eligible for the CDC. I is the next class up and could cost at least £200 more.

I'm assuming here that you are paying with money rather than miles - if the latter you can add CDC for another 17,500 miles.

The new Clubhouse at Gatwick would indeed be a major step up from the shared lounge at Glasgow but only you can decide if it's worth the extra time, cost and hassle of having to fly down and - as you say - probably stay in an airport hotel the night before.

Having said that IIRC the direct Glasgow flights only operate on Fridays and Saturdays making a 10 day trip impossible so one leg would have to be to/from Gatwick (or Manchester) anyway. In which case I'd be tempted to fly out from Gatwick on a Tuesday or Wednesday and back into Glasgow on Fri or Sat, if that works for you. That way you get to enjoy the Clubhouse on the way out and a quicker journey home on the way back, M8 permitting.
#933439 by David
11 Mar 2017, 11:54
Hi Milliemoo,

Having done both, many times, if I can make Glasgow work, its usually a far better option.

Living just down the A7 from you ;-) Glasgow flights - Clubhouse apart (and that is a bit consideration) work much, much better for us.

The flight times normally are good but they tend to vary year to year.

This year, its a 12.05 departure from GLA so a very easy drive up the M8 to the airport with an easy 7ish departure which gives you plenty of time, even for the worst worriers amongst us and an 8.30am arrival back into GLA with your return flight so missing the largest part of the rush on the M8 back home once you get bags etc

Last year you arrived into GLA around 6.30am - we were back in Gala before 9.00am :D

The huge bonus is no shuttles from Gatwick which means a huge baggage allowance if flying Upper which you can use without worrying about having to pay extra on shuttles ( and remember BA's max is around 1x 23KG per bag on their shuttle without paying for an extra bag, compared to Virgins at 3 x 32kg - no context ) but the biggest issue is the 4 or 5 hour wait in Gatwick for your shuttle. You will be too tight for the one around 8am and the next ones not till around 1pm ish. Trying to stay awake / alert, especially with children is a nightmare.

Sometimes Glasgow's flights operate Fri, Sat, Sun so that could just about give you the option of a 10 day trip (and don't tell anyone, but there can be tremendous Upper class fares available)

Barring the Clubhouse at Gatwick, and remembering that the lounge at Glasgow has been recently refurbished, living where you do makes Glasgow a great option.


Oh and one other thing, all the Glasgow flights we've had, have taken off either on time and early. Strangely enough, and no offence meant, the passengers seem to much more organised and early at Glasgow :D - maybe just abit keener to get away from our weather !
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#933441 by Milliemoo
11 Mar 2017, 12:31
Thanks so much for the replies, a great help :D

So, looks like 10 nights is going to be an issue if we want to use Glasgow both ways. Lets hope the Four Seasons has a good deal on for 14 nights!

Seems like booking the cheaper fare and just organising your own airport transfer is the sensible option.

When do they release the Glasgow fares on the website for April 2018? Is it 12 or 11 months before?
#933443 by tontybear
11 Mar 2017, 13:05
An alternative might be flying from MAN (though no CH there either)

VS will sell you a ticket from EDI-MAN-MCO that will offer protection should there be issues with delays etc and also through checking of bags.

Another might be the DL EDI-JFK flight then DL down to MCO

And yes an open jaw could work for you if you only want 10 days.
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