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#933483 by shaneg17
12 Mar 2017, 08:55
Hi all

I remember a while back a post on a possible A340 UC refresh


I am on one for a trip to NYC late July and just wondered if anything more than the subtle touches noted in the post occurred? Looking at recent data 3 different A340's have operated the VS9 service i am on (G-VWEB, G-VBUG and G-VFIT). There is an odd A333 or 787 thrown in to mix it up...


#933494 by CommanderB
12 Mar 2017, 21:22
I didn't notice anything different on my A340 flight to JFK last night..
#933496 by DocRo
13 Mar 2017, 00:12
I think there is some sort of refresh going on. There is a note on the VS website saying that USB power will be added to the 346s in 2017. Looking at VS Source, 2 of them (VFIZ and VFIT) spent a few weeks at Manila maintenance in January and February suggesting more than a regular maintenance check. VYOU is there now.

Someone on here will know better.
#933511 by SlimpyJones
14 Mar 2017, 21:47
The UC suites were being re-upholstered, no changes to the IFE or cabin layout though. For Economy I believe they were updating the seats, putting in USB ports, etc.
#933515 by DocRo
14 Mar 2017, 23:27
Still no USB in UC then - trip to Maplins then for an Em Power connector
#934237 by kennedyspace
09 Apr 2017, 18:35
In October the Economy seats were the same as the 787, they had a USB port but the same old IFE. No changes in prem eco as far as I could see. G-VRED I think it was.
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