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#933526 by SteveU
15 Mar 2017, 16:57
Hi All,

Does anyone know how strict Virgin are with carry on size? I've just got a cabin rucksack but they pretty much all measure 50x40x20 which is the size used by the low cost airlines. Virgin however are 56x36x23 so one of the dimensions is a few cm too big but the others are well within.

Being its a rucksack and will squash anyone know if Virgin would allow it?

Many Thanks
#933529 by Bobby_Ham
15 Mar 2017, 18:00
One of the lesser known films in the franchise, Sid James as unionised handler, Kenny Williams as BOAC upper management. Charles Hawtrey as head of cabin services.
#933532 by Kraken
15 Mar 2017, 18:07
If the bag / rucksack will squash to fit the size allowance & within the weight limit, then you should be fine.

I've got a wheelie Samsonite case that is about 53x24x39cm including wheels / handles, so slightly over 2 of Virgin's allowed dimensions for cabin baggage. Have carried it on no problems several times without anyone blinking - have been in Upper Class mind, where there is a bit more space in the overheads.

Back in about 2004 I was in Economy from LGW and had a cabin bag bang on the size limits but 1kg overweight - they let me take it on, but made it clear at check-in that if I added anything extra into the bag in duty-free it was in the hold. Needless to say there was no check at the gate - but they had put the element of fear into you at check-in.

As an aside, I have taken the above mentioned Samsonite wheelie onto Ryanair a few times with no problems - even though it is over on the depth dimension. Maybe I was lucky, as there is always the risk of a commission hungry gate agent wheeling out the bag-sizer at the boarding gate (have seen it happen & heard passengers who were chancing it groan as they realised they were about to be hit in the wallet for oversized gate-check bag fees).
#933552 by SteveU
16 Mar 2017, 15:28
Thanks, given its a rucksack then yes it could be squashed into the sizer I'm sure. Not sure why Virgin are a few cm smaller then the budget airlines, all the rucksacks I can find are made for them. I either go a tad too big or have to go for a much smaller one.

I've made a few trips to the US and never had my carry on checked but haven't been for some time now so a little unsure. What happens if they question the size?

Plan was to get another but I think I'll hold out and try and find something closer to the allow size just in case

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