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#933602 by mitchja
19 Mar 2017, 19:17
I've asked this question via Twitter and I'm waiting for VS to get back to me, but just wondering if anyone here knows the answer already?

Do you earn any extra VS tier points if your book and pay for Comfort+ on Delta domestic flights?

The VS website just mentions Economy, Business or First but nothing about Comfort+ for tier points.

I'm *guessing* with DL Comfort+ only being about an extra $20 or so each way over Economy on certain routes i.e JFK>BOS, you don't earn any more TP's over economy?

Edit to add - It's does say on the VS website that you do earn a 50% cabin bonus for earning miles in DL Comfort+, no mention of tier points though!
#933605 by SlimpyJones
19 Mar 2017, 20:07
Hey James,

I have booked myself directly into Comfort+ on the DL site and received 25TPs, so same as Economy. As you mention though there is the 50% miles bonus for Comfort+, so there's that!

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