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#934356 by cheesebag
12 Apr 2017, 22:08
Well it's certainly no Clubhouse but the chicken teriyaki is quite tasty. Awaiting VRAY to take be back to Manchester for a funeral tomorrow then Back to Cancun on Friday on Delta metal

Fortunately the wife and two youngest are still lapping up the Sunshine at Moon Palace

Unfortunately the aircraft it's still a 1-2-1 A333 so hoping for a peaceful night
#934365 by SlimpyJones
13 Apr 2017, 05:23
Have a good trip, shame about the circumstances. I'm curious to know, when you arrived at ATL did you have to pick up and recheck your luggage?
I only ask as I'm on an LHR-ATL-MEX flight later in the year and am getting conflicting info over what the rules are with international-to-international connections and baggage rechecking.
Likewise I'd be interested to know what happens on your return!

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