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#934362 by helium
13 Apr 2017, 02:15
When we booked BOS > LHR back in November we had the 787. Then they changed our homebound departure time to later in the day (which is great), but changed the London bound aircraft to a A330. Then just now they changed the LHR > BOS aircraft to A330 from 787. That sucks. No Wander Wall for the kids on a 7.5hour daytime flight.
#934364 by gumshoe
13 Apr 2017, 04:46
Aircraft changes are annoying but they're a fact of life on most airlines and TBH the A330 is more suited to the BOS route than the 787 which was really designed for the long haul routes.

Incidentally the Wander Wall is being retro-fitted to the A330s so you may be in luck if you get a refurbished one.
#934376 by shaneg17
13 Apr 2017, 11:54
I've had the same on my LHR > JFK return trip at the end of July.

Both legs were A340 up until a week ago.

Outbound is now an A330 (1-2-1 layout)

Inbound is 787

I'm happy with both of the changes to be honest, if it stays great...if they change again which I!

The annoying part about the change is they don't notify you and it messes with your seats. Im travelling with 4 other people who ended up in random seats not near me when the changed the metal. Luckily I spotted it early and managed to get us grouped together again for the new aircraft.
#934380 by helium
13 Apr 2017, 12:27
It seems our seats are the same. We got PE, and the only change I can see is the orientation, where on the 787 the rows didn't quite match up, to the 330 where aisle is directly across from center, etc. Still 2/3/2 though.
#934381 by SlimpyJones
13 Apr 2017, 12:29
helium wrote:No Wander Wall for the kids on a 7.5hour daytime flight.

They'll still have the snacks though, the Wander Wall is just a different place to store it.
#934382 by helium
13 Apr 2017, 12:52
Yes, the snacks are cool. But for a 7 year old the "wall" layout seemed more comfortable than the edge of the galley. However, we'll also have fewer "can I got to the wander wall?" requests!
#934427 by shaneg17
15 Apr 2017, 12:47
Does VS changing aircraft have anything to do with seats filled?

Just wondering as I checked seat availability for my flights and both ways there are lots of seats available and I wondered if the A330/787 hold less passengers / cost less to run and so that is why VA have made the change?
#934428 by mitchja
15 Apr 2017, 13:08
shaneg17 wrote:Does VS changing aircraft have anything to do with seats filled?

That will only be part of the equation. Other things VS will take into consideration are things like aircraft availability, cargo loads & crew etc. Also remember there's the return flight back to the UK that day to consider as well.

Number of overall seats on each aircraft wise and if my maths is correct, there's only 2 seats difference between an A333 which has 266 seats and a B789 which has 264 seats (the new config A333 is actually 2 seats less in J, therefore, has exactly the same number as the B789).

The main difference though is the Premium Economy cabin as the B789 only has 35 seats, whereas the A333 has 48 seats in Premium.
#934439 by shaneg17
15 Apr 2017, 19:22
Thank you

Sorry should of clarified...the original plane out and back was the A346. It's now A333 out and 789 back
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