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#934513 by jr17
18 Apr 2017, 08:46
To all the knowledgable folk......

We're (I'm) planning our honeymoon in 2018.

Dates of travel that we want are:
Out - Mon 27.08.18
Ret - Thur 13.09.18

I have looked at those dates this year (looking at Monday 28 out & Thur 14 in as a reference for the same week days) and can see that even now at around 6 months after this flight opened for bookings, I can still easily get to G's on these dates without issue.

I've then looked at February & march 2018 right pretty much as soon as they've opened up, and am finding it an awful lot harder - despite there being 2 daily routes from that point on compared to the one they fly now.

So what are the chances I'll be able to book my Aug-Sep dates almost at time of release for next year?
#934517 by gumshoe
18 Apr 2017, 12:34
Most V-Flyers would agree - patience and persistence are key to securing Gs. If you're prepared to keep checking every day, there's an excellent chance you'll get them.

You haven't said where you're going but if you can be a bit flexible on dates and a bit creative with routing (fly out of Manchester instead of London? Fly into LA or Seattle instead of San Francisco?) your chances will increase even more.
#934518 by ColOrd
18 Apr 2017, 12:40
I would say again persistence and rigorous checking, two sometimes three times a day.

Personally for me when I have wanted to do a G-Trip, the clincher was the G's rather than dates or places.

New York always seems good for G's
Similarly the new routes out of MAN as they are new and bedding in seem to be quite open.

I would look for the closest realistic alternative as well as your chosen destination.

Similarly, I would say if you can get PE one way and UC the other, then don't hesitate to book that there and then, and then work on getting the upgrade for which ever sector you had to book in PE.

My experiences in these areas totally reflect the advice that was given on this board in almost all respects.
#934521 by Silver Fox
18 Apr 2017, 13:43
Funnily enough last night I was looking for Gs in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar to Las Vegas and there was nothing, not one. So, grab them when you see them.
#934522 by jr17
18 Apr 2017, 16:27
gumshoe wrote: You haven't said where you're going

We're looking for LHR-MIA as that's always been a route / holiday we'd like to take.

Would LOVE to fly out LHR-MIA and then return MCO-LGW but MCO Gs seem to be like trying to achieve the impossible?
#934523 by vanilla8
18 Apr 2017, 17:34
Im looking to book PE using upgrade vouchers for next March and there is zero availability from 8th Feb so no exact science as to when reward seats released. Just keep checking
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