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#934516 by mitchja
18 Apr 2017, 11:17
Welcome to V-Flyer :)

Nothing to worry about. I've had this a few times recently on VS boarding passes without any issues.

This was my boarding pass for my last flight in the same format:

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#934519 by ColOrd
18 Apr 2017, 12:45
Yeah that's the same with all of mine too, however I did notice the following:

With VS when booked direct I come up as:

When booked through Expedia though my Sunday best name is out:

It's the standard way of your name being transcribed in the GDS, and is not a problem.
#934520 by mitchja
18 Apr 2017, 13:23
The way to get round the Expedia issue is to remove your middle name from your Expedia profile.

The 'mr' bit at the end of your first name seems to come from direct VS bookings that where made on the old VS system that where then imported into the new system.

Direct bookings made since the new system went live don't seem to show this, however, I have a future V Hols booking for Dec this year, made on the new system and that is already showing my first name in my VS booking as 'Jamesmr'.
#934526 by locutus
18 Apr 2017, 18:45
Probably not wise to post your barcodes online though. They do contain other info which could be used to get into your booking.
#934527 by mitchja
18 Apr 2017, 19:23
Thanks, I've hidden the bar-code, but it's an old booking from January anyway so the PNR will have expired now.
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