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#935387 by jilly
20 May 2017, 17:15
I sent an email to Customer relations last week regarding my issues. I received an email a couple of days later address to MR rather than MRS. :-?

I received a telephone call from Virgin Customer Relations today in response to my email citing the lack of acknowledgement on board of my Lifetime Gold status and problems with clubhouse access. However, they did call my Husband first :-? He is my supplementary silver card holder.

She was very apologetic but I can't help but feel that nothing will change. She said that my FF number was listed against my last booking but it did not 'flag up' my status.

She checked my forthcoming booking for August and said it did show on that and there should be no further issues, we'll see what happens.

I did mention this site (hope that's OK), saying it was happening to other passengers. As usual, IT issues were named as the cause of many problems.

TBH I'm left feeling non the wiser.

#935389 by buns
20 May 2017, 18:13
Thanks for coming back on sharing the response you got from VS

We can live in hope that someone at Crawley Towers sits up and takes notice - especially the outcome could be truly cost effective

#939471 by MoJoJo
08 Nov 2017, 10:21
I submitted feedback following a flight in July and have just done so again following a return flight in October where no acknowledgement was given although it was on the outbound. I have received the response below. I didn't mention that 80% of the UC suites on G-VBIG had some sort of issue :D

Thank you for your latest email.

Your feedback about the standard of service provided by our cabin crew made for very disappointing reading. We always expect our staff to treat our valued Gold members in a friendly and professional manner and they certainly should be acknowledging your status. I do have to agree it is touches such as these that can make such a difference and I am sorry that you were ignored in this way.

As you are aware, when the Flying Club membership numbers changed, the cabin crew have found it more difficult to distinguish a Gold member however, they should still be checking on the manifest. I can confirm that in the future we have a new programme launch which will ensure that the cabin crew will have access to Flying Club information, so that this cannot be overlooked in the future.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us, we look forward to welcoming you back on board again soon.

I wonder if the bold/italic comment is tied in to the mail I received regards updates to the Flying Blue program that are coming
#939473 by NY-LON
08 Nov 2017, 12:00
Interesting thread as it confirmed my suspicions. Before the system changed, I was impressed at how frequently I had been acknowledged on board for my GFL and in fact got 3 Op-Ups in a row because of it. But then after the system change, it all dried up. (except once when I was already in Upper). I asked FC several times if they could see my GFL and they confirmed it. Now I know why the recognition stopped. Is such a shame because it really made me feel valued and want to continue preferring VS even though I didn't need to chase points any more
#939498 by getinjonathan
09 Nov 2017, 15:50
This is an issue I flagged up some years ago and if I remember correctly someone attacked me with a 'who do you think you are attitude... I'm laughing about it now..

The fact remains that all of us who remain loyal to any airline rightly deserve some basic perks and those should include recognition on board. The same piece of paper is stuck to the wall on the aircraft and certainly on each VS flight I've taken a G or gold is scribbled next to my name. Having the cabin manager come and introduce themselves really does depend on the person and their mood. Some can't be bothered, certainly the managers that have been in their roles for an eternity just don't bother. Those less senior, or (pre role abolishment) cabin service supervisors who are running the flight often will make the effort to come say hello, offer gratitude and chat etc...

I'm both Gold (almost lifetime) on VS and Diamond Delta for around 2 months. Being Diamond on Delta is no different apart from the service you receive when calling in. Delta provide an incredible service when you dial the diamond line, same at the check in desk and at the gate. I have never been recognized on board a Delta flight as being Diamond. I've literally had to beg for a large bottle of water which is my preference for long haul flights, but it seems they'd rather hand out 10 smaller bottles instead of giving me a large bottle, weird. I pointed out the waste of plastic to try convince them to give me a large bottle - to no avail... 'We just don't have enough on board'.

If it wasn't for the fact I'm so close to hitting Gold for life, I would probably shop elsewhere. Even the easiest of perks are becoming harder and harder to come by. It's a shame because being Gold on VS in a previous era was kinda special.
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