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#934861 by fillipbrown
02 May 2017, 19:00
Hi All,

I may have confused myself looking at so many different numbers but are the A340's going through a refit? I am on the VS 46 on the 27th May and noticed they switched the plane from an A330 to an A340 and would quite like to try one of the newer style seats that are being refitted into the A330s but didnt know if they were going into the A340's as well as I noticed it had the 1-1-1 config.

Thanks in advance.

#934862 by DocRo
02 May 2017, 19:23
There's more of a re-upholster rather than a refit occurring on the A340s. They didn't have the unpopular Diamond Suite to be rid off in the first place.
As I understand it, there is IFE refresh in Economy at the same time
#934865 by mitchja
02 May 2017, 20:14
I believe WiFi is also being installed as well.
#935287 by FLYERZ
17 May 2017, 13:21
Just come off the VS10 from JFK on board G-VFIX 'Bubbles'. Can atest to the above somewhat. Sat in economy, seats have been updated to a hybrid of the dreamliner style thinner seats and that on the a330 with the newer styled head rests. Entertainment software again is updated in line with Vera although the actual devises themselves are the same, older head sets for the A340-600 (remote controlled not touchscreen). Perfectly good enough refresh to extend the life of the A340-600 for the short term. Only complaint which isn't due to the refresh is the existence of the entertainment box which does reduce space by a fair amount. Being 6ft this wasn't an issue of space in front of me, but width (have to shift your legs to the side).
#935288 by mitchja
17 May 2017, 13:44
I believe the back-end IFE system on the A346's is still the now much older Matsushita 3000 IFE system, where as the A333's and the B744's use the newer Panasonic eX2 system and B789's have the newest Panasonic eX3 system on them.

The only exception is G-VBIG which has a slightly different Panasonic eXLite system installed.
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