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#935067 by Phil.Durrant
08 May 2017, 20:28
Hi, does anyone know if reward seats for a certain date are released in one go,so when they are gone, they're gone, or are they released in a staggered manner?

Checked online this afternoon and a flight we were looking at in October had PE reward seats available. Just rang flying club to book and there is only economy available now.

I'm hoping more PE or UC are released but not sure if that's likely or when
#935070 by dickydotcom
09 May 2017, 08:10
There is no magic formula or time.
Loads of threads where people have been rewarded by perseverance.
Check as many times a day as you can spare, and start as early in the morning as you can.
I have been known to check from 5.30 a.m. five times a day.
Also worth checking at the desk on the day of your flight as they will sometimes let you do a miles upgrade if there are seats available. Provided you have an upgrade-able ticket.
I have also found that the cheapest PE ticket can be about the same price as an upgrade-able Economy.

Dick D
#935075 by Phil.Durrant
09 May 2017, 09:33
Thanks for the info. Am in desperate need of a holiday so have booked a couple of reward flights in economy. Checked with Flying Club and i can apply my cabin upgrade voucher if any PE become available at a later date, so fingers crossed.

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