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#935134 by gwamgwam
10 May 2017, 22:57
We're flying Manchester to Las Vegas this summer and want to conect straight on to Los Angeles.

We're due to land at 14:05 in Las Vegas. What is the earliest time we should book the flight to LAX?

We've never done this before so can someone describe what we need to do after landing? Do we need to go through immigration, collect luggage, re-checkin etc? If so? How long should we allow for this?

Just to add we're a family with two children which might slow us down slightly.

Advice is appreciated.

#935144 by CommanderB
11 May 2017, 07:28
Virgin arrives at T3 and Delta flights are from T1 so I would add plenty of time if you are on two separate tickets.

I would allow 2 hours at least, if not 3 in your circumstances.

You will need to clear immigration, collect luggage, check in and go through security again.

If you haven't already booked, I would advise booking it as one trip with Virgin rather than separate tickets - that way you are protected if your incoming flight is delayed.
#935146 by Vegascrazy
11 May 2017, 07:59
Hi gwamgwan, this article is quite good for explaining LAS connections ... 09199.html

I've not connected that way round before, only with LAS as my final destination. It sounds like you're yet to purchase your LAS-LAX ticket so assume you won't be on a VS/DL protected connection. As Commander B says definitely allow plenty of time as you'll need to fully exit landside & take the inter-terminal bus, check in again & clear security. Keep us posted on how it goes :)

Incidentally the drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles is easy (straight down I15) and, although I wouldn't recommend it after a long flight, another option may be to chill & overnight it in Vegas then head to LA the following day, just a thought.
#935147 by Vegascrazy
11 May 2017, 08:05
Sorry meant to also say, if you've not already purchased your LAS-LAX ticket then, to save changing terminals, you may wish to consider Virgin America or Alaska, they use T3 (the same as incoming international flight). You'll still have to clear immigration, exit landslide, check in, but at least you'll be remaining in the same terminal.
#935162 by Smid
12 May 2017, 14:03
Eggtastico wrote:rent a car & drive
If you allow 2 hours between transfers, you could be 1/2 way driving to LA by then!

Well, that depends. You can land just behind a big flight into LAS, so a significant amount of time of that could be immigration. And you can be sitting at the back of economy. Sometimes a big queue going through the customs part (after the passport check) too.

I'd expect an hour of that the checkin and security. Personally I'd never do less than three hours myself. But I'd not be driving because I'd have been drinking champagne in Upper, so in no state to drive, and expect to be soaking up any spare time in the Amex centurion lounge while waiting for the onwards flight.

If first out at the front of Upper, walking fast, you'll be perhaps 10 minutes through passport control without GE (not sure if machines there yet), but still waiting 20 minutes for your luggage, so you can do this quick... But you've had a ten hour flight, which isn't that great to drive and you've wasted Upper being sober into the bargain... :)
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