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#935300 by Andrew1959
17 May 2017, 19:18
Off to GND on Friday and up till today we have had the 1.1.1 seat map showing. Today it has changed to the 1.2.1 seat map. At the top of manage my booking it shows us in 6A & 7A, but in the passenger details further down the page at the UVF stopover it changes my seat from 6A to 7A and SWMBO from 7A to 8A is that correct, are we expected to play musical chairs at the stopover ? Or is just a web site thing, checking on line tomorrow so I will see what happens then,
#935326 by TimCrawley
18 May 2017, 10:36
Hi Andrew,

Doesn't make much sense changing seats as on LGW-UVF-GND there are only departing passengers (and normally a complete flight & cabin crew changeover) at UVF - there are no joining passengers whatsoever (multi-centre holiday makers do not rejoin VS flights, they are normally moved between islands by other airlines such as Liat, sadly only in EC regardless of booking class).

The only exception is crew movements (not VS staff on holiday but genuine rostered crew needing to reposition) so there is a tiny possibility of that happening but even then they would normally put them into a vacated seat (presumably 8A is a passenger getting off at UVF). On the bright side, it's only a seat move and you won't have to start shuffling hand luggage between overhead lockers for the last 45 minutes of flying.

Enjoy GND !

#935330 by Andrew1959
18 May 2017, 12:17
OLCI done this morning, bit lazy only got 45 & 46, still showing seat change at UVF, I rang HQ and asked but the guy on the phone didn't know, he said just ask at the desk. It's not really a problem, just never happened before when done the same leg. I wondered if it was a plane change for some reason.
#935405 by Andrew1959
21 May 2017, 12:18
Well we asked at check in, and the girl did not know. She took us to her supervisor who said just stay in the same seats. It would appear that issuing two boarding passes for this flight even though you don't get off is normal now. As we was changed at last minute from 1.1.1 to 1.2.1 virgin changed our seats for the first leg, but not the stop over. But they didn't change tickets for the last leg and the second boarding card was still showing the seats for 1.1.1 on the original choice so that was the confusion. Either way upper was only 75% full. Several others had the same thing.

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