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#935310 by pjh
18 May 2017, 07:24
Have a great time!
#935311 by David
18 May 2017, 07:32
Have a great trip Blacky and don't forget the TR :-D

All going well, I should be in Gatwick a week on Sunday - looking forward to seeing some sunshine.

#935312 by hiljil
18 May 2017, 07:44
Good Morning.

Have a good flight & a great time down Mexico Way :-D
#935361 by tomthumb
19 May 2017, 17:02
Have a great trip
#935372 by Blacky1
19 May 2017, 18:59
Sealink wrote:Enjoy and look forward to hearing how good Thomson PE is ... or otherwise!

It was very good bill ,well on a par with vs although the cc could do with smiling a bit more :-D
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