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#936581 by shaneg17
10 Jul 2017, 22:53
I posted a few weeks ago about getting a pickup from VS with points and one helpful person pointed me toward Tristar who are VS's chauffeur partner.

So for my trip to NYC in a couple weeks I've booked me and my 4 guests with them. I couldn't quite believe it but their price was circa 10% cheaper than a company local to me!

So we get their 'Gold' service in one of their V-Class vehicles

Has anyone ever been in one? I'd of preferred an S-Class but obviously that wouldn't work with there being 5 of us.

16 days until VS 09 and my first experience of VS UC
#936582 by buns
11 Jul 2017, 05:00
On occasions, Mrs Buns and I have been picked up by a Tristar Van as it was the closest available.

With four people travelling, Tristar (who are now part of the Addison Lee setup) would have put up the van as there is no way you could all comfortably get into a E Class Merc.

In answer to your question, whilst it has a nice and clean leather seated interior (one of the reasons why I choose Tristar over local cab firms) you in the end travelling in a van, so you have a nice high up view but ride quality is sacrificed as a result.

Tristar have always been on time for us (indeed 15 minutes early on most occasions), pleasant and helpful drivers, and as mentioned above, clean interiors.

#936583 by cjrp
11 Jul 2017, 09:19
We had a V-Class last time, it was nice enough; not an S Class but plenty of room for people and bags (there were only two of us, so not sure how we ended up with a van!). What I like about Tristar is they know all about getting into the UC wing at Heathrow, so no stress about having to direct the driver. Also, did you go via so you earn miles from the booking?
#936588 by shaneg17
11 Jul 2017, 12:49
Thanks Buns

CJRP - yer we are stuck with a V-Class but it'll do for a 45 minute trip from Oxford. I didn't use that link you note below but when booking Tristar asked me for my FC membership number and said pricing was from the Virgin 'retail account' so I assume any miles from the return journey will appear on my statement.

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