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#936643 by Horace
14 Jul 2017, 08:01
I am after 3 reward Uppers to MCO from MAN, which we all know are like hens teeth. If I book MAN to ATL -which are available but I don't really want to do - and at some future point MAN to MCO becomes available, will I be allowed to change them. I want to sort the accommodation out but can't really do that until I have flights booked.
#936949 by Phil.Durrant
28 Jul 2017, 09:12
Hi, in reference to the £30 fee mentioned in the previous post, i spotted some additional UC seats had been released for our flight back from Cancun in October, rang reservations and upgraded our reward seats from Economy to UC and was not charged an admin fee for doing this. I only paid the tax difference.

If you were to be charged, i would challenge it as doesnt look like its a hard & fast rule
#936954 by gumshoe
28 Jul 2017, 10:38
That's a simple upgrade on the same flight though.

The OP wants to change to another flight altogether which would, I think, be subject to a change fee.
#936957 by tontybear
28 Jul 2017, 11:32
yes there are changes and there are changes!

Upgrade is one type. Change of date or destination is another.

Always good to ask to have the fee waived though. They can always say no!

When my IAD flight was cancelled I asked to move it to NYC instead which wasn't a problem. She said the system wanted to charge me the£30 fee to change to move the return to LHR from JFK rather than IAD. I politly pointed out that I was only changing because they had cancelled the IAD flight. A few minutes later ater she checked with a supervisor the fee was waived.
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