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#937237 by Smid
06 Aug 2017, 18:58
Just a silly question, I think...

I've flown BA and AA in recent years, and when going to the US they required API entered in the booking, but well before the flight time. So basically landing card information. the hotel we're staying in, passport numbers etc.

I went to fill it in on my VS reward flight to Boston, and it seems to be saying API should be entered at online checkin. I don't tend to checkin online myself...

It allows me to enter my contact details. It wants the address staying at in the states, but that's hardly the same thing right? And no passport info field...
#937250 by Smid
06 Aug 2017, 22:39
SlimpyJones wrote:This changed when the website was redone. If you don't feel like checking in online then they'll take your API when you checkin at the airport.

Wow, first time I've heard of an airline doing this... A bit weird, frankly. Not a big deal I suppose, it does sound as if the IT department seemed to have missed that requirement...

Thanks for the info, I know now, at least...
#937251 by mitchja
06 Aug 2017, 23:18
This isn't something VS IT have missed or over-looked. It's just that VS are now using the secure flight system which is the same system some of the US carriers use (including DL) and that system only requires API from International travellers to be submitted to the TSA before you board the aircraft and so API only needs to be collected either at online check-in or physical airport check-in.

Not sure why the API fields are there in online bookings, but it's the same for DL bookings as well - they are there but cannot be filled in.

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