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#937247 by mitchja
06 Aug 2017, 21:10
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Yes, absolutely. All the VS 744's where refitted a couple of years ago now.

The only 747 in service which is slightly different is G-VBIG (Tinker Belle) as that aircraft was converted from it's former Heathrow cabin config. Whilst all the seats are the same as the other 747's, the IFE (in flight entertainment system) is not touchscreen (though is still on-demand) and there is also no bar in the Upper Class cabin on that particular aircraft.
#937253 by Professor Yaffle
07 Aug 2017, 16:36
Refurbed, yes, but really beginning to show their age, both in terms of their internal fittings, the IFE (which is several generations behind the Emirates and such of this world) and also their mechanical reliability.
IMHO the A350s cannot come soon enough.
The 747s lost their shine for me the day they put Y upstairs and wrecked the best PE cabin in the skies...

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