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#937267 by joeyc
08 Aug 2017, 06:36
Marhaba from Marhaba Dubai.

A bit of faff at check in as they had to call the U.K. to reticket me into UC, nice to know the VS call centre puts their staff on hold for what seemed like hours at a time too.

Safely ensconced in my favourite little pod in the lounge now and this place is great, squeak and all. The member of VS uniformed staff even came over and preempted my drink order whilst welcoming me back. I've not been through here since April, so kudos on their memory and approach to returning guests.

Not long in here today so I best get back to my tea and second breakfast :cool:
#937277 by TimCrawley
08 Aug 2017, 08:47
That's really nice to be remembered in the lounge - is it because they blame you for the squeaky chair though :-)

I see you're already airborne - hope it's a smooth flight.
#937402 by joeyc
09 Aug 2017, 21:21
TimCrawley wrote:is it because they blame you for the squeaky chair though :-)

Ha ha ha ha, I had not considered that. Don't think it was my fault... no promises though, all hyped up on my morning teamed second breakfast so who knows what I've done ;-)

Cheers for the well-wishing guys and dolls - It was a great visit to the lounge and an absolutely fantastic flight. Toying with the idea of typing up a couple of TRs for you lovely people, you have been deprived of my natterings for a fair while now and I have lost count of how many reports that I am in arrears. Anyone hazard a guess? :cool:
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