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#937318 by tontybear
08 Aug 2017, 17:24
Given the improvement in the time taken to clear US immegration I would say yes - otherwise you wouldn't be able to buy it as a single trip.

But you would have the advantage of DL protecting you onto the next available flight if your flight into JFK was late. They are also pretty well rganised with meeting people with tight connections at the gate and helping them through.
#937322 by taffytorchy
08 Aug 2017, 21:04
Whilst you have the protection of a DL transfer, when I arrived at JFK last year on VS metal my heart sunk when I entered the immigration hall & waited 90 minutes in line with limited A/C
Personally I would avoid JFK for a relatively short transfer
#937482 by Martin
14 Aug 2017, 01:01
1 hr 29 min is short, but a couple of things that make it viable as long as you buy it as a single ticket from VS or Delta.

Firstly, at JFK, they have immigration lines for transfer passengers which cut short the waiting. You bypass all the aliens (!) whose destination in the US is JFK.
Secondly, if VS fail to get you to the airport with enough time to transfer (and assuming you don't waste any time at JFK) then Delta will just put you on the next JFK-BOS flight. I would check there is one as a back-up i.e. don't get the last flight of the day.

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