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#937868 by Christo
29 Aug 2017, 12:29
Apologies if this has already been covered in previous topics...but then again, technology doesn't stand still.

We find the UC headphones to be very poor quality and that's when they actually work, I seem to always find myself trying to jiggle the wire around until both ears finally crackle into life. Frequently one side stays dead for the duration!

So, bringing our own would seem to be the logical solution.

Does anyone have any good recommendations of noise cancelling headphones that are compatible with the UC plugs? Ideally not looking to spend a fortune on them...

Thanks in advance
#937871 by jayden
29 Aug 2017, 15:40
I use Bose QC 35's on board, but can be a small fortune (got at Brandsmart on deal!). For many years I used Bose QC15's which was superb and my girlfriend still makes use of them. You can get them for quite a reasonable price now a-days on eBay (

The crackling and wire jiggling, was this on an A340 or 747 with the older IFE? Haven't had that problem before on 787 or A330's.
#937873 by Christo
29 Aug 2017, 16:23
Thanks Jayden,

Those look like just the thing...I like the idea of bluetooth also to avoid being strangled in your sleep!

The crackling and jiggling has been on almost every flight I've ever taken with Virgin! Dozens of A346 flights back in the day and more recently on the A330's (1-2-1 config). Maybe the new 1-1-1 gear will be better...
#937874 by jayden
29 Aug 2017, 16:51
Oh the 1-2-1 A330's were sometimes a bit dodgy, but to be honest the IFE in that was so laggy I ended up using my iPad most the time :P

Couldn't recommend the QC35's more highly, but they are a tad uncomfortable to wear whilst laying on the flat bed as they are quite big.
#937875 by PeterStansfield
29 Aug 2017, 17:51
I'm in the Bose camp also. I've got two pairs of the old QC3's. The first (12 years old at least) developed a fault, so I bought a second pair on eBay for £85. Then I found out the first pair's fault was that if you lie on your side listening, and the pillow blocks the microphone that's used for the noise cancelling, you get feedback. I even managed to do it with the second pair, to prove it's a design feature not a fault.
But if you're sitting up listening to the Movie channel then you won't notice this....

#937877 by mitchja
29 Aug 2017, 18:10
Just be aware that the Bluetooth connection will only work with your own devices though. You still have to use the wired connection for A/C IFE systems.
#937891 by chumba
30 Aug 2017, 08:15
Another vote from me for BOSE noise cancelling, I've had several previous models and now have the QC25's, I was about to buy a pair of the QC3's as I like the wireless idea, but as has already been said, on a plane you still need the supplied cable, and as that's where I use them the most, I decided I'd stick with the current ones.

I like the way you can just turn them on and the world just goes away, so even if not listening to anything they are a great way to turn off the world and relax or sleep.

I did see the QC25's (black only) on offer on QVC UK a few days ago for about £169, a massive discount, they are currently sold out, but if you can wait a bit it might be worth keeping an eye out on the QVC UK website in case they come back into stock.
#937893 by Eggtastico
30 Aug 2017, 08:27
bose noise canceling are great - however expensive.
You can buy cheap Chinese knock off which may be good enough for you from Amazon or cheaper again from bangood, aliexpress, etc.
They do me fine for £25
#937896 by Christo
30 Aug 2017, 10:38
Thanks Eggstatico, MoJoJo & Chumba,

Lots of great options to look at there. Sounds like Bose have the majority vote. I usually prefer the in-ear version but am assuming that when in the air...the 'Craig Davids' would be better?!
#937901 by LucyLu
30 Aug 2017, 14:25
I defected from Bose on-ear to Bose in-ear (QC20s) when I forgot my headphones for an 11 hour flight and wouldn't go back. They are so much more comfortable when you are trying to sleep with a pillow against your ear. I tried the in the shop and the guy was talking to me as I switched them on. I then couldn't hear him, so I bought them straight away!!!
#938099 by starquake
05 Sep 2017, 17:11
Would comment if you don't need bluetooth - Costco have the QC15's (ie the old model) on special at 199.99 at moment (inc vat) in Sunbury at least (also online for members).

As I've had the QC15 for over 4 years now -I would comment Bose after-care is excellent - you can buy spares in most of their own stores which are common in UK/US if a cable gets broken or you need new pads due to wear. I've had a new pair of pads that I purchased in that time (actualkly from the newer model) - these are daily used headphones (used on a 1 hour commute each way for the period) , and made my old QC15's like new.
#938105 by marshy11
05 Sep 2017, 18:24
My son has just purchased a pair of QC35 from JL having a price match with Peter Tyson @£279. Not the cheapest you can find the QC35 (amazon in various Eu countries seem cheaper) but with a JL warranty he's happy. The last pair of headphones he bought (nearly 6 years ago and were Beats rather than Bose) had been changed by JL 4 times with faults. He now realises the value of a good customer after sales.
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