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#937907 by s2driveruk
30 Aug 2017, 22:02
At the moment, any flight in Delta one is a flat 125TP per leg over 3k miles. So regardless of whether i purchase a z or I fare i would get the same as i see it.

From start of Sept, this then aligns across VS and DL to be differentiated by ticket class...right?

Looking at booking an i class fare LHR to IAD on VS and return Delta One from PDX to LHR. Pre Sept i make that 325TP but Sept onwards would be 400TP i am expecting. Anyone care to agree or not ;)

#937941 by s2driveruk
31 Aug 2017, 18:02
Thanks! ^^thats correct, I spoke with FC this morning and checked, so will book tomorrow and claim the 400TP as planned.

Also secured 3x G on LHR-IAD and 3 x on the PDX to LHR in delta One for 150k miles and £13 tax before rates changed at end of day today. Couple of internal hops in DL First to and from Canada at 75TP each to stitch the itinerary together and should hopefully ensure that family travel is a nice part of the holiday and retain AU for another year too. Everyones a winner :cool:
#937944 by RyanJW
31 Aug 2017, 18:34
Good job!

I snuck in a SJC-LAX TP run last night in first for 150TP's. I think I'll have to do some FC calling as they haven't posted today so it might be tomorrow but my year ends 31st August. Hopefully the system will recognize the actual flying date and not the posting date for AU status.

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