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#937966 by trusse03
01 Sep 2017, 17:00
So I've enough miles to get me and my partner a premium economy return from Manchester to Las Vegas.

However we're wanting to do a multi city holiday to USA, with the order being San Francisco then Los Angeles, followed by Las Vegas.

How much time do we realistically need to have to get from a Virgin Atlantic flight to a delta flight on seperate bookings?

Thanks for your help
#937967 by gumshoe
01 Sep 2017, 17:31
To be safe? I'd say 3 hours.

VS arrives at T3 and DL departs from T1. While they're connected via shuttle trains airside, arriving on an international flight means you'll have to clear immigration at T3, collect your bags, clear customs, go landside, catch a bus to T1 and check in and clear security there.

All of which should take an hour or so. But you can never predict the queues at immigration and security, so unless you have Global Entry/TSA Pre I'd play it safe. McCarran T1 isn't too bad to wait around in if needs be.

BTW are you aware VS fly direct from MAN to SFO? Not every day but if the schedules work for you it would be much quicker and more convenient than connecting at LAS.

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