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#937971 by sythe20
01 Sep 2017, 20:16
Hi All,

This is one of those that VS customer services and VH haven't had much knowledge about when i've contacted them.

Booked flights through VH (upgradeable fare). Upgraded one of the legs using miles for journey back.

Wanted to look at getting an earlier flight from ATL-MCO on the way. After being passed back and forth both VH and VS advised not possible to change the outbound leg as one of the return legs has been upgraded to UC with miles.

A: is that correct?
B: can I change flight to an earlier one when I get to ATL at the desk, without messing up my UC return? VS and VH won't touch it.
#937991 by JCBR
02 Sep 2017, 21:46
I think they have given you the correct answer but for a misleading reason.
Firstly, your ticket may not be changeable once booked. That is the end of the story.
If it is changeable (and most are not) you can use the value of the ticket against a totally new booking. So, assuming availability and same priced ticket, you are in effect date changing (but you are actually cancelling the original booking and making a new one).
If there are no upgrade seats on the return available then that is your problem. When you cancel your current ticket the reward seats is no longer valid and you have to rebook it (your miles are not lost - don't worry). But, if upgrade seats are not now available you cannot upgrade. Even though you will have just released one it will vanish into a black hole and probably won't appear again.

However, as your flight is a domestic (presumably with Delta) then the usual practice in the USA is to turn up on day of travel and ask to get on the earlier flight. If there are seats they will usually let you (without then changing your international sectors). They may charge you for this - $75 or so.
#938006 by sythe20
03 Sep 2017, 17:44
Thank you for this, that's very useful to know.

So if I change the domestic ATL-MCO flight when we arrive, it definitely won't mess everything else up? We don't mind paying a little bit so we don't have to wait 5 hours.

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