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#938012 by rdm
03 Sep 2017, 20:17
Been a while since I was last here, but know this is the best place for advice on flight choices.

Our last trip to LAX was a couple of years ago when it was just me, Mrs rdm and little rdm (who at the time was about 9 months old and big enough for the bassinets). My preference was (and still is) VS UC but grudgingly accepted Mrs rdm's view [order] that we'd go with PE both ways. End result was usual PE comfort and little rdm fortunately being happy in the bassinet both ways.

We're now looking at flying back out to LAX next summer - little rdm will be on a child fare in her own seat and while mini rdm will have only just turned 1, he's already [4 months] a bit of a monster size wise and will almost certainly be too big for the VS bassinet by next summer and therefore would also be a bit on the heavy side for me & Mrs rdm to share on our laps for 11 hours each way (particularly when either of us wanted to sleep).

Which leads to my quandary - should I:
- Book VS PE for 2 adults + 2 children - having the benefit of a seat for [not so] mini rdm;
- Book VS UC for 2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant - which would provide more space and allow mini rdm to share with any one of us (potentially "top & tailing" with his big sister);
- Book BA WTP for 2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant - the BA website seems to suggest that their bassinets can accommodate bigger babies; or
- Book BA CW for 2 adults, 1 child & 1 infant - if I'm considering WTP, I may as well give CW a thought.

Any opinions warmly welcomed.
#938083 by SlimpyJones
05 Sep 2017, 11:09
Since nobody else has chimed in - I will!

With the VS PE option I'd wonder about which seats you'd sit in given the arrangement is 2-3-2, you could have parent + child in one pair and another parent + child pairing in the row ahead or behind, given that the middle three wouldn't really help.
The Upper Class option is a good one too, depending on your financial situation of course. You do also open the can of worms that is "infants in premium cabins" but let's assume your kiddies will be on their best behaviour. Plus you'd get the Clubhouse. If you can afford it, I'd go VS Upper, failing that VS Premium.

As for the BA options I can't really help as I've no personal experience with them. If it were my money I'd choose VS any day (which I already do) as from what I've seen and read the BA WTP and CW options are inferior to their VS counterparts.
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