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#938043 by Treelo
04 Sep 2017, 13:33
Off to Boston from MAN next spring, about 10 years after our first visit there. What's the immigration experience like at Logan as my getting-worse-every-day memory just won't go there! A week or so in Boston, with a side visit to the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, is being followed by a week in Orlando vegging out around the pool ( and shopping excursions for the present Mrs Treelo, of course) so would appreciate your thoughts on the Delta Comfort + product we will use on the flight to MCO. Last question, I promise (for now), has anyone used the Bostonian at Quincy Market? Ta.
#938082 by Hev60
05 Sep 2017, 10:52
Eggtastico wrote:depends if a load full of chinese or mexicans land before or after you!

If that is supposed to be funny, in my opinion it is not.

In fact it is extremely rude and offensive. I hope the 'Mods' agree too.
#938085 by Eggtastico
05 Sep 2017, 11:46
Hev60 wrote:
Eggtastico wrote:depends if a load full of chinese or mexicans land before or after you!

If that is supposed to be funny, in my opinion it is not.

In fact it is extremely rude and offensive. I hope the 'Mods' agree too.

Its from experience. As they have no visa waiver program, they all have to be processed.
Luckily one we landed minutes before & got through the customs queue before them (This was Vegas & a plane from Mexico).
Another time, we landed afterwards but was processed through customs first while the other plane passengers had to wait (This was Boston & the other plane from China). I may well have managed to 'queue jump' because the Scanner thing did not work for me & requested me to go to border guard.
#938087 by SlimpyJones
05 Sep 2017, 11:52
I don't really thinks it's rude and offensive to call Chinese people Chinese and Mexican people Mexican. But anyway.

My last experience at Logan was pretty smooth. Immigration didn't take too long and the bags were off quick. As Egg has sorted-of implied, it does depend on how many other flights arrive just before you. I think the same can be said for most airports really!

Comfort+ is a decent product. It is not Premium Economy, but it is pretty much on-par with Virgin Economy extra legroom seats, but you get free beers and snacks and priority boarding, etc.
#938108 by Francis007
05 Sep 2017, 20:03
I also saw no offence in Eggs post. It was surely just a statement of fact. If he cannot call Chinese people Chinese or Mexican people Mexican,then in my opinion, this world has gone mad.

Anyhows to get back to the OP's post and request for information and advice, we have flown into Logan on many occassions and our experience is that Immigration and bag pick up is usually very swift and efficient.

Although as Egg said in trying to help,it really does depend on where you are in regard to other arrivals.

The self service booths have clearly speeded things up but don't always work .

Just a little story about our experience on arrival at Logan some years ago. On this particular occassion, we were unfortunate that VS011 arrived some minutes behind two 747's. One was a KLM and the other a Lufthansa. It was the days when VS011 used to arrive in Boston at about mid-afternoon and there were no self service booths. After about an hour of queuing , we finally got to the Immigration desk. This poor guy had clearly had a long and weary day because when we showed him our UK passports, he pulled the pencil that he had lodged behind his ear and threw it across the desk !

He quickly realised what he had done and apologised. We were off to Moosehead Lake in Maine the next morning and he went on to tell us that he often went up there to fish in the Autumn. So we departed the best of mates !

Just another point regarding US Immigration. Has anyone been asked about how many dollars they are bringing in ? We have been asked that in the last 2 years when the self service booths were not online. Just curious.
#938123 by matt.hibb
06 Sep 2017, 14:37
Flew into BOS last Wed from MAN, arrived slight early at about 4.30pm at the gate. Immigration was a breeze, probably the best/quickest US immigration experience in recent memory. We were through before the bags started to arrive on the carousel.

The worst thing about arrival into BOS is picking up a rental car imho. None of the companies are in terminal, they're all nestled together in a purpose built building that's a 5min bus ride away. If you're travelling light it's probably not bad. But we found it a pain travelling as a family with quite a bit of luggage. There was a 10min wait for a bus and when it arrived it was already half full. And definitely full when it left. Some companies had big queues as well when we got there, but mercifully not ours.

Comfort+ is ok, same seat as Y just a couple of inches of extra room. For heading down to MCO it's probably worth it for me. I find it mostly beneficial if I have a full recliner sat in front if me. I think some drinks are thrown in as well? Can't remember exactly.
#938128 by Sealink
06 Sep 2017, 15:40
In June it took my friends almost three hours to clear immigration. They had two kiosks open for seven flights. With Global Entry it took me five minutes.
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