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#938196 by CommanderB
08 Sep 2017, 07:07
Good Morning from the Marhaba lounge at DXB!

I thought i'd do a quick lounge review as we don't have a huge amount of information/reviews on the third party lounges across the network. Lots of info on the Clubhouses, but the rest is kind of left out.

The lounge is located on the 1st floor of Terminal 1, D gates. Go through duty free and make a left, go up the escalator towards McDonalds and at the top of the escalator there is a Noodle House, directly in front of you. Make a left and the lounge is a few yards up on the right, next to the Gulf Air lounge.

You get escorted into the Premium Area, which I think is reserved for VS passengers only at this time of day. There are restrooms and a dedicated smoking room in the main lounge.

There is a dedicated member of VS ground staff available in the lounge too, usually the same lady too from my experience.

Food offerings are -

Cooked breakfast buffet, scambled eggs, chicken sausages, baked beans, potatoes, waffles. Toast making facilities.
Fruit & cereal.
Some standard lounge sandwiches, wraps etc.
Breakfast pastries & fruit.
Full bar offering with waiter service. Although I haven't been told off for helping myself yet... :cool:




Wifi is surprisingly good. See attached image. Nearly 100mb up/down, which is astonishing for an airport lounge!


I'm sat in one of the private 'suites' towards the back of the lounge. They are really nice, 2x2m mini suites designed for one. The chair is extremely comfortable, and you have a little table for drinks etc. You can kind of peer over the glass and see down into the concourse too.



Overall, lounge is quiet, there are private cubby holes to stay away from others if it is busy. There is plenty of seating, even if UC is full there would still be spare seats. Food and drink offering is on the 'good' end of the scale for a third party lounge, and the availability of a VS representative is also a big plus.

Commander B, out.
#938198 by CommanderB
08 Sep 2017, 07:29
It seems a lot of good karma has come from this lounge review...

Magic beep at the gate, moved from 20D to 5G :cool:

UC upgrades were Circa £650 at checkin. VERY glad I declined now!
#938204 by SlimpyJones
08 Sep 2017, 08:34
Commander - this is really really appreciated, and grats on the magic beep!

I'm going to be using this lounge on Dec 9th, flying UC back to LHR and this gives a great insight into what we can expect on the way home. :)
#938255 by CommanderB
09 Sep 2017, 15:00
No worries Slimpy 8-)

I am scheduled to visit a few other third party lounges before the year is out, so I hope to make a habit of this.
#938259 by TimCrawley
09 Sep 2017, 18:01
Very informative review with great photos, thanks for posting - and a +1 on the congratulations for the upgrade, karma indeed!
#938262 by buns
09 Sep 2017, 19:07

Thanks for the review and the pics.

I have been equally impressed with the Lounge at DXB - when we have used it, they have not been able to do enough for the VS passengers in the segregated section

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