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#938256 by Kraken
09 Sep 2017, 17:26
Currently in a reasonably busy Sky Club having a pre-flight beer. The 3 inbound ferry flights from the UK are all running early (3 VS planes due to land within 8mins - good job they're empty as immigration would be hell if they were full).

The TR has been started & will follow when back in the UK, but suffice it to say all is good at MCO. Clear journey from the I-Drive area along the SR528, 60mph all the way. TSA experience good. The 3 VS flights back to the UK all on-time to get out ahead of the MCO closure at 5pm.

I hope that everyone in Orlando & Florida is safe over the coming couple of days. The resort I was staying at filled up over the last 2 days - all cars with Florida licence plates & dealership names / locations along the coast on the licence plate holders.
#938257 by TimCrawley
09 Sep 2017, 17:52
Hope all 3 flights get away in time as I guess MCO ground staff are really pushed for turnarounds on fuel & catering (even though the VS planes won't need cleaning unless the FC had parties on the empty planes).

I daresay the LGW headed folks won't mind being in a convoy of 2 causing a few immigration delays at the other end if they're in #2 & will just be grateful VS were able to get them back ... wish you a smooth one back to MAN yourself!
#938258 by Kraken
09 Sep 2017, 17:58
I would image the ferry flights only have 3 crew onboard. 2 flight-deck crew & 1 member of cabin crew to do fire-watch duties in the cabin (as passenger aircraft only tend to have smoke detectors in the toilets in the cabin).

So as not to leave the crew downroute in Orlando when Irma arrives, they'll probably return straight back to the UK as passengers on the 3 flights today.

One other comment about the Sky Club - it's bloody cold when you're sat under an air-con vent like I am! Have got a long0-sleeved hoodie on too.
#938261 by buns
09 Sep 2017, 19:03

Great to hear you have made it to the Delta Sky Room

Have a safe trip back and all credit to VS, if things are not as usual this time around, they can be forgiven

Thoughts and prayers with everyone who remains in Florida

#938263 by marshy11
09 Sep 2017, 19:30
Pleased to hear you made it to the lounge. Safe onward travels.
#938266 by Kraken
09 Sep 2017, 21:41
Hello from 35000 ft. The VS76 pushed back a few mins early, unsurprisingly with a completely full load - 467 onboard, so 11 infants on parents laps.

The main departure area in the terminal was a complete zoo with 3 VS, 2 BA & 2 TCX aircraft at the gates. 2 more TCX waiting on the taxiway for stands to become available. Normally the long-haul departures are spread over 4 hours or so, but everyone has the 5pm target to meet today before MCO closes.

We seemingly have a crew including 4 FSM's. The 3 aircraft that ferried in from the UK empty all had full crews onboard who will stay in Orlando until the airport re-opens (Tuesday being expected, but no-one knows) to crew return flights to the UK. Bet that was a popular flight for the crew.

To anyone still in Florida, I hope you are safe & that Irma does not do the predicted damage.
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