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#938897 by travelmad51
05 Oct 2017, 17:44
Does anyone know what the upper class seats and entertainment system are like on this plane. I understand it has recently had a refurbishment and has no bar, but I just wondered if the seats and entertainment system have been upgraded.


#938902 by Kraken
06 Oct 2017, 08:17
Normal Upper Class seats (i.e. the original UC suite, not the "Dream Suite" that is being removed from the A330's). IFE is Vera (what was V-port) - on demand, but not touch-screen. In-seat power is Empower & there are no USB ports.

To be honest, the lack of a bar is no big thing - it makes the cabin seem even more spacious & the passengers in rows 11 & 12 probably appreciate the lack of a bar. They just need to wipe the red wine stains off the side of the cabinet that forms the "bar"!
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