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#938954 by mitchja
09 Oct 2017, 09:37
Anyone with the black VS AmEx card....if you have spent anything with Virgin Holidays, do check you have been rewarded the correct milages as mine are short this month.

I spent £507.50 on a single Virgin Holidays transaction this month on my black VS AmEx card along with some other transactions, yet I've only been rewarded a total of 1711 miles.

The V Hols transaction alone should have rewarded me 2030 miles (at the x 4 rate).

Spoken to MBNA and they agreed it's incorrect and are chasing this further with VS so anyone may want to check if you have spent anything with Virgin Holidays recently.

(I know Virgin Atlantic transactions are rewarding the correct x4 milage for the black card, or at least they were a few months ago).
#938959 by mitchja
09 Oct 2017, 12:03
My miles always credit on the same day my statement is generated (which is today for me).

Once thing you may want to do is make sure MBNA have your new format Flying Club number on file. I know the old numbers are still supposed to be linked but that may be the reason why there's a delay.
#938976 by oldboy
09 Oct 2017, 20:34
Thank you for the "heads up" on this mitcha, I have just paid this week for our around the world cruise (departing Jan 18) using my black amex card, I will be keeping a very close eye on the number of miles credited.

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