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#938981 by yinx224
10 Oct 2017, 08:29
Hi Everyone!

Firstly Ill like to thank you all for all the information shared on this site. It's really very helpful and is very appreciated!
I have a question regarding my baggage allowance. For my last 4 or 5 trips ( all UC), I have been given an allowance of 4 bags. I currently have silver membership and I was under the impression that this was an AU privilege.
Can anyone shed some light on this?

#938987 by TimCrawley
10 Oct 2017, 11:57
Interestingly, my wife (who is Silver) keeps getting this as well...

As Peter posted, I just got 4 bags shown at OLCI for the VS66 today and I'm also only silver - fortunately not so much souvenir shopping done that I'll need to test it actually applies at the airport :-)

Mind you, several years ago, I needed the 'extra 23kg bag' allowance (in any class of travel) that Au status gave you but at the check in desk they knew nothing about it so it took 20 or so minutes of them ringing around to confirm it was ok.

What I didn't know was the Au status gives you a second cabin bag in any class of travel too.
#938992 by CommanderB
10 Oct 2017, 13:19
TimCrawley wrote:What I didn't know was the Au status gives you a second cabin bag in any class of travel too.

This is what I love the most (apart from CH access as Gold). The ability to go anywhere on the network HBO is great! I often do HKG, LAX, LAS as HBO and its amazing.
#939001 by PeterStansfield
10 Oct 2017, 20:22
Mind you, it's not just Virgin that don't seem to know their own rules on baggage

I always print out from the airline website what it says the luggage allowance is, for whatever flight and frequent flyer card I'm using. This means that when they start arguing, they look very stupid very soon (after I give them the print out of their website) and agree.

Mind you, a US based Airline actually accused me of mocking up a printed page of their website, and so I got them to go on line - much to the annoyance of everyone behind me in checkin - and see.
They looked even sillier when their website said what I'd printed....

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