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#939481 by howersl
08 Nov 2017, 15:37
So I'm booked on the VS9/LHR->JFK tomorrow and I need to extend my trip a couple of days. Currently in L fare Economy, so looked into G/UC reward seat availability before changing flights :D . Hmm, there's nothing available in G on any Virgin flight LHR->JFK in the next two days; however there is a bunch of availability on the Delta codeshares (DL3, DL173).

Great, so I called FC to change flights and immediately spend miles to upgrade from L to G... and was told that I can't upgrade a codeshare flight using FC miles - even though it's a Virgin ticket on Delta metal. The friendly FC agent said I can "purchase" a Delta codeshare flight using Virgin FC miles, but I can't use miles to upgrade one.

Is that correct?

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