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#939844 by NYC123
24 Nov 2017, 15:11
Booked reward seats last night on LGW-CUN in EC

Now I've only ever flown economy using exit seats so was wondering how restrictive is the actual leg room is - I'm the best part of 6'7 would it require some form of human origami to get me into the seat?? last time i booked extra leg room im sure it was nowhere near £70!
I'm hoping PE reward seats will appear at some point, if they do would i still be required to pay the £30 per ticket amendment fee even though I'm ultimately spending more? Think it was waived when i went to UC from PE before?
#939845 by gumshoe
24 Nov 2017, 15:42
Standard Y seats have 31” pitch. The extra legroom seats have 34”. PE has 38”.

If you’re 6’7” you’ll definitely struggle in the standard seats and maybe even the extra legroom ones as well. Exit row seats obviously have acres of legroom but you sacrifice some seat width and to me they feel very tight.
#939846 by SlimpyJones
24 Nov 2017, 15:44
It depends if you are tall by virtue of long legs or a long back, haha. I am 6'4" owing to long back so regular Economy legroom is never too close for discomfort, but I always try and plump for an extra legroom seat (though I am gold so get them for free) as they really do make the difference for me.

Whether it's worth it to you, only you can say - but I would look at it from the perspective of your future self 4 hours into your flight - would you regret not paying it and wish you had?

As for upgrading I don't believe you need to pay the £30 change fee if you are upgrading. It's just the difference in miles and any extra taxes/fees.
#939967 by Tallguy
01 Dec 2017, 07:12
I’m 6ft 6ims with a 34” inside leg. I was very disappointed with the PE legroom when I went to Havana last Christmas. It wasn’t 38” and was noticeably less - around 35” in my book. The seat was very comfy though. I flew from Gatwick on a 747. On the way back I managed to get an aisle seat in the front row of PE at the side where there are just 2 seats and an acre of legroom. I suggest aiming for those seats. I fly PE a lot on various airlines and my first flight on VS to Havana was a real disappointment legroom wise. Superb crew though. And I sat next to Anthony Stokes the British Ambassador to Cuba on the way home!

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