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#940004 by tomthumb
02 Dec 2017, 09:08
Wave from Gatwick CH - starting to fill up - breakfast done and treatments book - looking forward to our break in Antigua :cool:
#940005 by hiljil
02 Dec 2017, 09:18
Good Morning.

Enjoy the CH and have a great flight & stay in Antigua. Envy you the sunshine ! :cool:
#940006 by marshy11
02 Dec 2017, 09:55
Morning from a dark and drizzly Cornwall. Enjoy the CH and onward flight to Antigua .
#940017 by David
02 Dec 2017, 13:59
Probably long gone now, but hope you were well looked after in the Clubhouse and that your flight is great. (An hopefully less bumpy than mine :-D )

#940023 by ColOrd
02 Dec 2017, 17:54
Have a fabulous time :)
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