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#940490 by mrsbridges14
02 Jan 2018, 18:52
i wonder if anyone call help i booked a flight for me and my husband back in october to go to vegas from gatwick in may 2018. the flight is a complimentary premium economy flight which we got because virgin messed up my last booking in july. when i checked the app on my phone today the booking was not recognised this also happen in November i phoned up customer service and was told the flight had dropped off they still had my booking but are now saying that there are no seats available for that flight on that class of ticket on the outward journey. the supervisor has emailed revenue management and i am now waiting to see what happens is there anything i can do as when i booked in october the seats were available and i had chose them.
#940493 by Neil
02 Jan 2018, 19:20
Did you get etickets or a booking reference when you booked in November? If so, I can't see how Virgin can not honour your booking as you originally made.
#940498 by Neil
02 Jan 2018, 21:09
That's good and I think you're in a very strong position. I think you need to give Virgin chance to see what they come back with, if it's not what your hoping for then you need to escalate it with supervisors and also the social media team who are usually good at helping out.
#940499 by mrsbridges14
02 Jan 2018, 21:44
That’s great thank you I will
Wait and see what they say tomorrow I have also noticed that since my conversation with them earlier my seat class has changed from p to k not sure what that means
#940511 by PeterStansfield
03 Jan 2018, 11:24
I'm not an expert on ticket codes, but to me it sounds like they've made a mess up with your reward ticket (P) and 'bought' you a revenue ticket (K)
This has happened to me before.
There's a 'silver lining' here - the P ticket wouldn't have earnt you any miles - as it's not a revenue ticket
But the K ticket is!

#940526 by mrsbridges14
05 Jan 2018, 19:41
It’s a nightmare my seat class has changed back to p again I have phoned 5 tines now spent over 4 hours on the phone this week and they still haven’t issued my e ticket I keep getting the same response it will be emailed to you within 24 hours. And surprise surprise 24 hours later no email this has been going on for months now and I’m not sure what steps to take now . These flights were compensation from our last flight where we paid for premium economy but they down graded us at the airport so we didn’t get what we paid for
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