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#940536 by TheAngryMidget
05 Jan 2018, 23:22
I wondered how strict Virgin were with their cabin bag dimensions. I was about to order the Tripp Holiday cabin case, but have noticed that the width is wider than VA’s width limits. Are cabin bags routinely measured at MAN and JFK? MTIA.
#940542 by Kraken
06 Jan 2018, 00:33
Routinely measured? I don't think so, as long as it looks about the right size. They are probably hotter on weight for safety reasons.

I've got a Samsonite carry-on size wheelie case that is fine for most airlines, but does slightly exceed the dimensions Virgin allow. Have never had it questioned - but was travelling in Upper Class where the overhead bin space is at less of a premium due to the wardrobes in the cabin.

If I'm travelling in Upper with carry-on luggage only, I'd happily chance the Samsonite case in future as It would more than likely be fine. If I do get a very switched-on checkin agent who refers it to the bag sizer, it can be checked in (it's lockable & there is nothing of value in it - the good electronic stuff is in my laptop bag).

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