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#940599 by matt.hibb
07 Jan 2018, 20:10
I'm a regular MAN flyer, but have recently booked a trip to DXB from LHR in UC.

We will be driving ourselves to the airport and parking the car while we are away. Are there any options anymore to use DTCI/UC Wing and have your car parked for you from there?

I know purple parking used to offer a meet and greet there but since their demise and buyout I don't see it advertised on the VS website. There was a thread relating to that and it also mentioned maple manor or something? Is that currently an option?
#940779 by stuart_f
14 Jan 2018, 00:08
Officially no. However, the way people used to do this prior to the Purple Parking tie-up was to pick up their meet and greet guy outside arrivals then get him to drive you around the block and into DTCI. An agreement to do this in advance is clearly the way to go.

That said, while DTCI is very nice, simply going to the Upper Class desks and taking the private lift up isn't a whole load different.
#940827 by NV43
Yesterday, 21:15
I'm inclined to disagree; DTCI staff remove your luggage from the vehicle, tag and process it, so no finding a trolley and wheeling the thing into the downstairs check-in.

There's also, in my experience, never a queue in DTCI; a Passport check and your boarding cards are handed over, I think that they, like the luggage tags, are printed just before the time slot for arrival.

It's a very slick and efficient service.

#940828 by stuart_f
Yesterday, 22:37
Wheeled bags solves the first one and I've never queued at UC check-in at LHR.

DTCI is certainly slick but I wouldn't be losing sleep over missing it. At the most it gives you 2-3 minutes more in the CH.
#940856 by Phil.Durrant
Today, 17:16
For what its worth, i agree with Stuart. I use DTCI majority of the time, but when i have taken heathrow express from central London, i find it just as slick to use the UC check in desk, and then walk 10 meters and jump in the private lift up to the private security channel

DTCI is a great experience as its so unique, but i wouldn't go out of my way to try and find a way to use it if you are driving your own car to the airport. For the time it would take to get a taxi to pick you up and drive you round to the DTCI (if you can find a taxi that would even take you the 500-600 meters required), i would rather get into the clubhouse sooner!
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