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#930436 by pjh
22 Dec 2016, 01:15
Today's challenge is to spread butter on toast without a knife. Apparently knives are forbidden for "security reasons", but I think the staff just want a giggle.

I was offered a "special price" of £180 for an upgrade to the "Premium World Traveller Plus" cabin at check in. Didn't take it....
#930441 by marshy11
22 Dec 2016, 08:29
Good Morning, I'm guessing you didn't venture into jams and marmalades then?

Safe onward travels.
#930460 by pjh
22 Dec 2016, 17:08
marshy11 wrote:Good Morning, I'm guessing you didn't venture into jams and marmalades then?

Saved that treat for the plane when presented with a very unappetising cooked breakfast offering.

slinky09 wrote:Ugh that lounge is dreadful isn't it!

I was going to say it's better than the terminal but actually some bits of that are quite pleasant and not crowded at 6am. However, the lure of a couple of fried eggs to stabilise the metabolism after a late night and wifi to complete a couple of tasks before boarding was great.

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