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#930533 by David
25 Dec 2016, 13:36
I think this is the calm before the next "storm" here in the Scottish Borders, so it seems appropriate to post the usual Merry Christmas thread

Hope everyone travelling has a safe and enjoyable journey and those at home have fantastic day and everything they've hoped for happens on this special day

Please everyone raise their glass and toast this fantastic site and it's members !

Merry Christmas everyone

#930536 by Snora
25 Dec 2016, 14:46
Have a great Christmas everyone - and thanks for all the insights and tips over the past year ! We are looking forward to our LHR to JNB UC flights on Jan 29th !
Just hope collecting miles won't be too difficult in future and this experience won't be our last in UC !
#930541 by hiljil
25 Dec 2016, 20:00
Merry Christmas David, and all fellow v-flyers.

Absolutely- raise a glass to us all !!!

Happy 2017 everyone :-D
#930556 by Bretty
26 Dec 2016, 14:33
A bit late to the party, but merry Christmas one and all, hope everyone has a pleasant holiday surrounded by people you love.
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