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#931529 by NYC123
18 Jan 2017, 16:34
Looking at flights to NY from Cozumel with Delta, they don't fly direct, and looking at flights the shortest option states

1h 55m Layover in Atlanta, GA | You change planes in ATL

Will this be enough time for a UK citizen, with customs etc or will it not apply as long as i remain air side?
#931530 by SlimpyJones
18 Jan 2017, 16:51
I imagine given it is an international flight and your first point of arrival you will need to go through immigration and customs, bag pickup, and so on. Assuming no delays I'd say you'll be alright.
#931534 by tontybear
19 Jan 2017, 16:22
Yes you will go through US Immgration and customs and will end up landside (so need to reclear security)

2 hours will be fine.

Just remember you'll still need an ESTA.

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