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#932237 by pjh
03 Feb 2017, 11:25
It looks like I will be headed to Mumbai soon on business. As per our policy, it's strictly economy only. Our corporate site proposes;

Direct with BA / Jet (VS ticketed) / Air India

Indirect with Lufthansa / Emirates / Etihad

I belong to VS, BA and Emirates flyer schemes.

Anyone any recommendations as to which to choose / avoid? For the moment I'm ignoring length of flight questions, though I'd rather go direct.

#932240 by pjh
03 Feb 2017, 12:10
SlimpyJones wrote:If you were so inclined, you could fly VS to DEL and connect on 9W to BOM. I'd be interested to hear how the experience is on Jet, though. Although for Economy I would say you're not likely to find a lot of difference between airlines.

Not an option that's presented to me....
#932242 by slinky09
03 Feb 2017, 13:16
Do not fly on Air India.

BA or Jet is the choice BUT I'd check the plane type, doesn't Jet fit 10 across in economy on a 777 and BA 9 across? If so I'd go for space.
#932271 by pjh
03 Feb 2017, 19:40
Thanks all.
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