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#932816 by gilly
18 Feb 2017, 12:44
Has anyone flown Thai First?

We are looking at a flight to HKG from LHR next year to join a World Voyage and Thai are amazingly cheap. We have only taken domestic flights with them, which were fine, but for a longer flight......
#932817 by SlimpyJones
18 Feb 2017, 12:56
Alas, only Economy on Thai a few years ago, but I thought they were very good and it gave me a bit of a soft spot for them.
#932826 by Sealink
18 Feb 2017, 20:32
Have heard only good things about Thai...
#932848 by JCBR
19 Feb 2017, 14:42
Thai is one of the few airlines still offering what I call 'old school F' - some of it is a bit quirky and dated but very charming. The daytime flight is on the 380 which is a fantastic F class - more space than you could possibly need, Dom Perignon bubbly, extremely quiet cabin and a washroom bigger than some hotel bathrooms I have been in.
I wouldn't hesitate for the 380 - and the service doesn't end there. When you connect in BKK you will be whisked from the plane door in a buggy to the F lounge to wait for your connection where you can have more DP bubbly (if you can handle it at 6am), a very spacious lounge with private 'lounges within a lounge' and complimentary one hour massage service - plus personal escort to the plane for your next flight.

However - you will not get any miles or TP (they are *A) and for the same price you can probably get VS UC which is a non stop overnight flight. But if it is a wow experience and you have the extra time for a connection it will be wonderful.

I have not tried the nighttime 777 but expect that to be every bit as good. And no - I don't work for Thai !!
#932960 by gilly
22 Feb 2017, 00:03
Thanks for the replies everyone.

We are actually hoping for Gs on VS as I have enough miles, but our dates are fixed and if they don't materialise, I was looking for alternatives.

This trip is for our Ruby Anniversary, so travelling F would perhaps make it even more special - we already have a fabulous accommodation on board the ship - but will definitely go with VS if we can get the reward flights.
#933058 by PeterStansfield
25 Feb 2017, 15:13
Real time update - only champagne in the F lounge is the Supermarket grade Moet....

But the assistance through security and immigration is amazing, and the buggy ride THROUGH the business lounge is amazing!

More to follow tomorrow after the flight....

#933100 by PeterStansfield
26 Feb 2017, 12:44
Hi - So I'm now home after my Thai First flight. Here's the pros and the cons
Arrived at the airport - kerbside porters waiting, who took everything including hand baggage into the check in. We were offered seats whilst the printed boarding passes. Then they escorted us through security an immigration, and bundled us and hand luggage onto the famous golf cart that drives THROUGH the business class lounge to the first lounge. Greeted there by name, and made our appointments for the spa. Ordered Champagne, but then found they 'only' have Moet now.
Spa treatments were very good - the full hour allows time for showering, massage with oil, and a further shower
After we got back to the lounge, we were told that the flight was running slightly late and they would 'come and get us' when it was time to board. When this came, a porter picked up our (quite heavy) hand bags, and escorted us not just to the gate, but onto the flight, and stowed the bags in the overhead locker for us. I've NEVER seen another airline do that!
As you probably know, F on the Thai A380 is upstairs - seems to be identical fitting to the Air China 777 (and probably the same size, because it's upstairs. Anyway LOADS of space to stow everything. Nice Pyjamas, and Rimowa boxes for toilet bags. Then the Dom appeared - 2006 - which I don't like as much (yet) as the 2004. But still nice. We then found our pre-ordered meals had 'got lost' somewhere. Still, the menu looked good, so no problems.
The Caviar came well served, on ice, with a proper mother of pearl spoon. And more Dom. And then the Foie Gras with truffles. Interestingly I've been on flights with Caviar, and with Foie Gras, but I think this was the first time I'd had both!
Wine choice very limited - 2 whites and 2 reds - but good quality. The White I had was a Chablis Grand Cru, and I also had the 5th growth claret with the cheese. Only slight grumble is that we were sitting in the two seats in the middle of the first row, as a 'couple'. But because of the serving from the Aisle, my wife ended up being a course ahead of me. A minor niggle but it spoilt the 'dining together' experience.
We both slept well - quiet area, and lots of space. Breakfast offered soft boiled eggs - which again I've never seen on a flight. They came in proper egg cups, but were nearly raw! (I'd guess 90 sec boiling equivalent) so were 'challenging' to eat.
We arrived at T2 at LHR and de-boarded via the top deck. The whole experience was so smooth that my wife had forgotten there was a complete 'other' aircraft underneath our deck!
So - overall - a really good flight. Not the best I've ever had (I think Cathay First holds that for me). Not the most 'fun' (Virgin win hands down). Not the best food (probably ANA first wins that) Not the best wine ever (China Airlines First won that for me with their Hospice Corton Charlemaigne, which must have been £1000 a bottle). BUT some great experiences - service in some ways like I've never seen before. They try REALLY hard, have the best Airport spa I've ever been to (makes BA Spa in T5 look a joke), and offer a very good price! We were coming back from Chengdu in China, and I found out that I could buy our tickets Chengdu - Bangkok, and Bangkok - London £500 cheaper each than just the Bangkok London. And actually cheaper than the BA Club class direct route from Chengdu to London.
So - I'd strongly recommend it, as long as you can get a good price for the route you're wanting to go on!

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